A B O U T  C H I C C A

Glow to soar
“Invisible makeup” to reveal your unique beauty.

Show the beauty you were born with.
In the true spirit of beauty, CHICCA introduces “invisible makeup”.
A second-skin, natural finish but with accentuated contours to attract the eye.
Makeup that accentuates you, not makes you look like someone else.This is CHICCA.
Our brand creator is YASUO YOSHIKAWA, who enhances the beauty of the world’s women in New York.
Point makeup to set off your unique facial features with skin brimming with a natural luster.
Products effortlessly achieve YOSHIKAWA’s techniques that accentuate a woman’s uniqueness through skin that is luminous and glowing every day.


CHICCA Brand Creator
Yasuo Yoshikawa

“Respect the woman.This is what I most valued in my work.I would be so happy to help women to be more attractive with more radiant sheen and feel optimistic about life through my work in CHICCA.


Yasuo Yoshikawa was born in Niigata Prefecture in 1959.
He started to work as a makeup artist in Tokyo in 1983.
After working for over ten years in the production of fashion magazines and advertisements, 
Yasuo Yoshikawa traveled to America in 1995.
He was called on as an urgent substitute for a VOGUE photo shoot after six months and met fashion editors and top photographers, who shaped his career thereafter. 
Yasuo Yoshikawa is very involved in portraits from advertisements to collections and celebrities in addition to cover and fashion photo shoots for fashion magazines in various countries. 
He is also the writer of “Show the Beauty You Were Born With” (Diamond, Inc.) as well as “Bringing Out Beauty to be Complimented and Enjoyed (Homerarete Ureshiku Naru Kirei No Hikidashi Kata)” (Takarajimasha,Inc.)

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